NewsKDD – Data Science for News Publishing


Data Science for News Publishing

at KDD 2014, New York, United States, August 24, 2014


Accepted papers

  1. Andraž Hribernik, Lorand Dali, Dejan Lavbič and Dušan Omerčević. Applying Multi-Armed Bandit on top of content similarity recommendation engine
  2. Igor Brigadir, Derek Greene and Padraig Cunningham. Adaptive Representations for Tracking Breaking News on Twitter
  3. Jason Chuang, Sands Fish, David Larochelle, William Li and Rebecca Weiss. Large-Scale Topical Analysis of Multiple Online News Sources with Media Cloud
  4. Nemanja Djuric, Mihajlo Grbovic and Dilan Gorur. How much do age and gender affect news topic preferences?
  5. Raphael Gianotti Serrano Dos Santos and Estevam Hruschka Junior. Markov Logic Scalability in a Never-Ending Language Learning System
  6. Nuno Moniz and Luís Torgo. Improvement of News Ranking through Importance Prediction
  7. Aljaz Kosmerlj, Jenya Belyaeva, Gregor Leban, Blaz Fortuna and Marko Grobelnik. Crowdsourcing Event Extraction
  8. James McInerney and David Blei. Discovering Newsworthy Tweets with a Geographical Topic Model
  9. Catherine D'Ignazio, Rahul Bhargava, Ethan Zuckerman and Luisa Beck. CLIFF-CLAVIN: Determining Geographic Focus for News Articles
  10. Long Le and Tina Eliassi-Rad. Measuring Coverage and Divergence of Reading Behaviors Among Friends
  11. Jooyeon Kim, Joon Hee Kim, Dongwoo Kim and Alice Oh. Diversity-seeking users and their influence on social news sites
  12. Jinjing Li and Wray Buntine. Experiments with Dynamic Topic Models

Also accepted for presentation:

  1. Joseph G. Ellis, Brendan Jou, Hongzhi Li, Daniel Morozoff-Abegauz and Shih-Fu Chang. Structured Exploration of Who, What, When, and Where in Heterogeneous MultimediaNews Sources


News publishing is a domain with a lot of specifics related to data processing spanning interdisciplinary across many fields of data related research. The aim of this workshop is to cover data analytic/mining research, approaches and solutions for numerous data challenges related to news publishing. The key categories of data analytic challenges in news publishing include areas like:

Target audience will be data researchers and professionals from publishing industry (being extensively present in New York). Some of the categories include:


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