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Basic information

Bled together with its surroundings ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and the thermal lake water.

This small town with 5.600 inhabitants is located in the extreme north-west part of Slovenia, 55 km from Ljubljana (capital city of Slovenia), 45 km from the Italian and Austrian borders and 35 km from BRNIK international airport.

How to get there

· By air: there is an international airport called Ljubljana Airport (LJU). National air-carrier Adria Airways allows good connections through Munich (0.50 hrs) or Frankfurt (1.15 hrs) and flies directly to London (2.50 hrs), Brussels (1.40 hrs), Moscow (2 hrs), Paris (1.50 hrs), Zurich (1.10 hrs), Vienna (0.45 hrs),…

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· By road: a network of main roads links Bled to all major Slovene and other European cities. It is located only 35 km from the border crossing with Austria (Karavanke Tunnel) and 45 km from Italy (Ratece). Slovenia’s highways are good and clearly signposted.

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· By rail: Slovenia is located at the intersection of main railway lines, connecting it to the whole Europe. The Lesce-Bled railway station (4 km) lies on the Villach - Jesenice - Ljubljana - Belgrade - Istanbul - Athens railway line.

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· By bus: Bled is connected with all larger towns in Slovenia by regular bus routes.

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Passport, Visa

A valid passport is sufficient for a visit to Slovenia on business or as a tourist, provided your stay does not exceed three months. Since citizens of some countries are allowed only shorts visits to Slovenia, it is recommended that foreigners inquire about details by contacting their respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Citizens of EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco and some others may enter Slovenia with valid national ID card.





and Crossair also fly to Ljubljana via Vienna and Zurich. From the airport you may take a taxi (approx. 25 EUR), shuttle (10 EUR) or a bus.

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